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Black Tea Vodka Soda

Black Tea Vodka Soda

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Not available in: AK,HI,MA,MI,UT

Tasting Notes: Easy-going, aromatic, subtle spice.

Ingredients: Organic Vodka, Black Tea, Lemon, and Currant

80 Calories, 0 Sugar, Certified Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free

Size: 250ml X (Pack of 4 Cans) ABV: 6%

Our Cosmonaut loves a class Vodka Soda just as much as any other space cadet, but knew it was high time to elevate this drink from modest sipper to supernova. We've scoured the universe of aromatics to bring you a new take on this refresher. Our blend pairs Steven Smith Teamaker's delicate Keemun tea with a touch of lemon and currant. Perfect for sipping under the stars or soaring through outer-space.

"As far as canned cocktails go, these Organic White Tea Vodka Sodas are exceptional, thanks to the blends from Smith Teamaker. They’re just the slightest bit sweet, and taste like a nice sparkling tea-cocktail—rather than a can of bubbly chemicals (lookin’ at you, Truly). At 6% ABV, they give you a nice buzz, and are perfect for enjoying al fresco on the balcony or at a picnic. The Black Tea cocktail contains malty Keemum tea with a touch of lemon and currant." - Vice

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