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Straightaway Cocktails

Super Secret Sipper Club

Super Secret Sipper Club

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Available in Oregon only! 

Parcels are released every three months and cost $139.90 each. They come with two bottles of exclusive and covert cocktails replete with info cards, and clue cards for the next allotment.

Parcel are released in: February, May, August, and November. If you sign up in an off month you'll receive your first parcel at the beginning of the next release month. We email all communication about parcel releases and events  so definitely opt-in to email marketing to stay up to date! 

You have the option of automatic payments a few days before each allotment is released, or one yearly payment for 4 parcels. We kindly ask that members sign up with the intention of a yearly commitment. However, if circumstances arise, you have the ability to modify or cancel your account.

Join us for a peek into the unknown!

Previous allotments have included:

  • Olive Oil-Washed Martini - Gin, Accompani Dry Vermouth, Sebastiano's Sicilian Olive Oil, caper and rosemary bitters.

  • Hemingway Daiquiri - Rum, ruby red grapefruit, maraschino liqueur
  • Thai Gimlet - Gin, lime, flaked coconut, tamarind, fresh galangal, and Thai chili.
  • Mint Julep - Bourbon, local peppermint and spearmint, and Accompani Fernet

Please note: If you've signed up in person in an off month and went home with the current allotment, you'll be charged again before the next allotment. 

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