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Straightaway Cocktails



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Temporarily out of stock. Not available in: AK,HI,MA,MI,UT

Tasting Notes: Juicy, Tangy, Balanced

Ingredients: Reposado tequila, housemade grapefruit soda, pink peppercorn, tamarind

Can Size: 250ml cans (4-pack) ABV: 10%

This dove isn't just the life of the party; she's been a celebrated guest at Mexican festivities for nearly half a century. Her origins take root in the 1960s - a moment where minds were hazy and ideas sky-high. Originally concocted as a simple mixture of Squirt and tequila, our rendition is a lofty blend of reposado tequila and housemade grapefruit soda with tamarind and pink peppercorn. It will have you and your company soaring. 

"Clocking in at 10 percent ABV, this boozy option that tastes like a properly made Paloma should. The tequila notes are weighty on the palate, serving the taste buds hints of mineral and fruity agave notes elevated by a saccharine punch of grapefruit soda. Tangy citrus blossoms across the tongue, with a profile remarkably similar to that of Squirt, the grapefruit soda favored by many bartenders." - VINEPAIR


  • SF World Spirits Competition - Silver - 2023
  • Bartenders Spirit Awards - Silver - 2022
  • SF World Spirits Competition - Silver - 2022
  • Sunset International - Bronze - 2021
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