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Accompani (by Straightaway)

Accompani Sampler Set

Accompani Sampler Set

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Rejoice Mixologists! Upgrade your home bar with Accompani liquers and amaro. This introductory Sampler Set includes a 200ml bottle of Mari Gold, Flora Green, Blue Dorris, and Crimson Snap. A perfect gift for your companions! 

“The Accompani line was made with help from distiller Seth O’Malley, now of Wilderton Botanical Spirits. They’re incredibly bright, potent, and easy to work into a lot of classic cocktail recipes. Even the recipes on the bottles themselves are incredibly easy to follow.” - Imbibe Magazine


An easygoing, but complex Aperitivo bursting with citrus and orange blossom.

Key Botanicals include: Seville orange peel, citron peel, orange blossom, gentian root.

Great in a: Spritz Veneziano

Bottle Size: 200ML ABV: 25%


A verdant herbal liqueur with a distinctive alpine character.

Key Botanicals include: hyssop, lemon balm, chamomile.

Great in a: Bijou

Bottle Size: 200ML  ABV: 40%


A floral liqueur with unusual depth and elegance.

Key Botanicals include: orris root, pink peppercorn, rose.

Great in a: Songbird

Bottle Size: 200mL ABV: 35%


A bracing Aperitivo, citrusy and bitter with herbaceous and woody nuances.

Key Botanicals include: Seville orange peel, cinchona bark, gentian root.

Great in a: Negroni

Bottle Size: 200mL ABV: 35%

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