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Accompani Sampler Set


This product is available in: OR only.

Rejoice Mixologists! Upgrade your home bar with Accompani liquers and amaro. This introductory Sampler Set includes a 200ml bottle of Mari Gold, Flora Green, Blue Dorris, and Crimson Snap. A perfect gift for your companions! 

“The Accompani line was made with help from distiller Seth O’Malley, now ofWilderton Botanical Spirits. They’re incredibly bright, potent, and easy to work into a lot of classic cocktail recipes. Even the recipes on the bottles themselves are incredibly easy to follow.” - Imbibe Magazine


An easygoing, but complex Aperitivo bursting with citrus and orange blossom.

Key Botanicals include: Seville orange peel, citron peel, orange blossom, gentian root.

Great in a:Spritz Veneziano

Bottle Size: 750mL ABV: 25%


A verdant herbal liqueur with a distinctive alpine character.

Key Botanicals include: hyssop, lemon balm, chamomile.

Great in a:Bijou

Bottle Size: 750mL  ABV: 40%


A floral liqueur with unusual depth and elegance.

Key Botanicals include: orris root, pink peppercorn, rose.

Great in a:Songbird

Bottle Size: 750mL ABV: 35%


A bracing Aperitivo, citrusy and bitter with herbaceous and woody nuances.

Key Botanicals include: Seville orange peel, cinchona bark, gentian root.

Great in a:Negroni

Bottle Size: 750mL ABV: 35%

Cocktail FAQ
How much alcohol do your cocktails have?

Our non-sparkling cocktails range from 23%-41.5%, sparkling & NITRO cocktails range from 6%-13%.

How long do the cocktails last when opened or unopened?

Our bottled cocktails never go bad, but they do age overtime. Try to keep unopened bottled cocktails out of direct sunlight, which can cause discoloration. Once opened, our bottled cocktails are shelf stable, meaning they can live outside the fridge for as long as a bottle of spirits. Our sweet vermouth lasts six months open in the fridge. Once opened, canned cocktails should be enjoyed immediately.

Are your cocktails vegan?

The majority of our dazzling concoctions are vegan apart from the Negroni, Espresso Martini, Crimson Snap, and Coffee Liqueur.

Shipping FAQ
Where does Straightaway ship?

The majority of our cocktails, wine spritz, amari, liqueurs, and vermouth ship to all states except AK, HI, UT! A few of our offerings are Oregon only or restricted in a few states, those restrictions are labeled in the product descriptions. 

Due to Federal Law, we're not able to deliver to any PO Box addresses—so your home, workplace, local FedEx office, or favorite drinking companion’s house would be best!

I'm local to Portland and live in Oregon—can I pick up my order in store or have it delivered?
Straightaway’s dishonorable but electrifying bottled cocktails, canned spritzes, and hand sanitizer are now available for curbside pickup, local delivery within a 15-mile radius of either location (901 SE Hawthorne Boulevard or 7363 SW Bridgeport Rd) and shipping throughout the state of Oregon. For minimum orders above $99, delivery is provided for $9.99, and for orders above $139, delivery is on the house. To place an order containing cocktails, please email Orders@Straightawaycocktails.com or call us at (971) 255-1627. 
When will my order ship?

Typically it will take 4 to 8 days from order date, depending on location. Our retail partners fulfill within 1 - 3 business days and ground shipping is typically 3-5 days.

Please Note: Ground shipments are picked up and delivered M-F. Orders placed on the weekend or on holidays will be processed the following business day. If at any point you see an issue with your tracking and need assistance please contact our Support Team at support@accelpay.io.
Do I need to be present for when my order arrives?
Yes! You or a trusted adult over the age of 21 must provide a signature.

The fine print: packages containing alcohol will not be left on doorsteps. Delivery will be attempted 3 times total—after the 3rd attempt, your order will be returned, which would be less than ideal. In special circumstances it may be possible to get a refund or have your order resent for a $40 fee.
Sales FAQ
I want to carry this at my store. Where can I place an order?

Contact our Sales team here!

Do you have Accompani Recipes I can use?

Yes, here is a recipe book. 

What formats do you offer?

Bottled Cocktails: 750ml, 200ml, 50ml

Canned Cocktails: 250ml, 100ml

Wine Spritz: 250ml, kegs

Accompani 750ml bottles, Sweet Vermouth Kegs