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Bees Knees

Bees Knees

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Not available in: AK,HI,MA,MI,UT

Tasting Notes: Bright, Zesty Citrus, Floral

Ingredients: Gin, cold-pressed lemon juice, west coast honey, Accompani Blue Dorris 

Can Size: 100 mL (4 Pack), ABV: 25%

Did you know the Unsinkable Molly Brown was famed for more than her ability to stay afloat? A fixture at Parisian women’s speakeasies, the spirited socialite is rumored to have doctored up bathtub gin by adding honey and lemon, thus birthing the iconic Bees Knees cocktail. Our rendition celebrates the simplicity and balance of this prohibition staple. Gin and lemon juice mingle with west coast honey and Accompani Blue Dorris for a subtly sweet, floral sipper that’s utterly buzz-worthy!

Serving Ritual: Chill. Shake well, and serve straight up. Garnish with a twist of lemon if it suits you.

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