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Straightaway Cocktails

Spritz Sampler

Spritz Sampler

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Not available in: AK,HI,MA,MI,UT

3 Cans Each of Negroni, Last Word, Apicco, and Fiore Spritz (12 cans)

Includes: Appico, Negroni, Fiore, and Last Word


Tasting Notes: Orange blossom, honeyed, easy-going

Ingredients: Sparkling Pinot Gris and Muscat, with seville orange and gentian root


Tasting Notes: Bittersweet, herbaceous, boozy

Ingredients: Sparkling Pinot Gris and Sweet Vermouth with seville orange peel and earthy botanicals 


Tasting Notes: Floral, grapefruit, crisp 

Ingredients: Sparkling Pinot Gris, with rose, lemon, and pink peppercorn


Tasting Notes: Grassy, alpine, complex

Ingredients:   Sparkling Pinot Gris, with cherry, lime and alpine herbs   

Can Size: 250 mL (Each Can makes 2 Drinks), ABV: 13%

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