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Accompani (by Straightaway)

Dry & Sweet Vermouth

Dry & Sweet Vermouth

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Not available in: AK, HI, UT

This Dynamic Duo is one that every home bartender should have in their arsenal.  

Sweet Vermouth

An exquisitely balanced vermouth, full-bodied and pleasantly brisk with a heady aroma of herbs, fruit, and spice. Satisfying on the rocks and suited to any cocktail calling for sweet vermouth.

Key Botanicals include wormwood, seville orange, allspice, coriander, chicory.

    Bottle Size: 750mL ABV: 17% 


      Dry Vermouth

      Hailing from 19th century France, dry vermouth is sweet vermouth's herbaceous, affable sibling. With versatility to ennoble a classic martini or an easy spritz, dry vermouth is the essential cocktail staple, a mixologist's Swiss army knife. 

      Key Botanicals include Tarragon, Thyme, Citron, Sweet Woodruff, Rose 

      Bottle Size: 750mL ABV: 17% 

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